Friday, June 11, 2010

Spotlight on the Wisconsin Daylily Society | Daylily Club in Action!

In past years, the Wisconsin Daylily Society (based in Madison, Wisconsin) has been a leader in financially supporting Region 2. 2010 is no exception. Ed Kraus, our regional treasurer recently received two donations from this group totaling $1600.00!

This brings many thoughts to mind: 
  • How thoughtful. In the current economic times, when memberships and plant sale revenues are reportedly down, WDS still writes the region into its yearly budget and faithfully donates to the regional cause. Could they do other things with the money? Of course, but they choose to fund color in the regional newsletter, and allow us to more comfortably explore creative ways to get our membership engaged in regional and national activities.
  • WOW- this is a lot of money. Some clubs do not have $1600.00 in their treasury, let alone that much to willingly donate to the region. This says a lot about their dedication to the overall educational mission of the AHS.
  • Why don’t other societies donate to Region 2? Well, probably for many sensible and realistic reasons. It takes a focused budget to make donations like this possible. It also takes the support of the whole membership to raise the funds so the budget can be executed as planned.
Their website is colorful and well-thought out. It features some interesting content, including a picture gallery of WDS Top Ten Daylilies of 2009 and galleries of past photo contest winners. All of their newsletters are also available as PDF documents, as far back as 2005. At this link, visitors can find some awesome resources to picture galleries and scientific articles.

This group also has become known as the planners of the "Wisconsin Bus" at regional meetings. They often charter their own bus for trips to regional meetings and subsidize much of the cost for its members. The calendar of events is full of colorful, diverse programs for all levels of interest.

Thank you to the members of the Wisconsin Daylily Society! You should be very proud and the region appreciates your financial support!