Tuesday, December 22, 2009

September events that are still on my mind...

Two daylily events that I must mention before time takes the sparkle off the memories of these events! Too often I start posts in my head, thinking what a wonderful story this will make, and by the time I sit to write, so much more has happened that I can't do the previous events justice anymore!
Everyone who is anyone, and anyone who thinks they are everyone, has been to see SMDS in the last couple of years, and are planned through 2011 when we host the Region 2 summer meeting for AHS.  In September 2009, the Southern Michigan Daylily Society hosted Region 2's own Bob Faulkner of Natural Selection Daylilies. Here are some of his seedlings. 


Bob's program fit right in with the best of them; each program we see is a joy for a different reason. I like to say Bob is a man who "does daylilies" on his own terms. Not other hybridizers, not popular fads and not always conventional wisdom. His program shows his passion to go against the grain to make breaks that have never been seen. 200 + digital images later (our deepest apologies, Bob for our projector issues...) the room was collectively shaking our heads.

The patterns are, well, unlike any other patterns out there. Yes, I said unlike ANY other. He is a modest guy who doesnt throw around big words and big names and big plans and big egos. He tells it like he knows it, and also tells you if he doesnt know it. About 5 years ago or so, I got to see some of his first digital images while I was visiting Mike and Sandy Holmes' at their fabulous River Bend Gardens. We chatted about unnoticed intricacies and the desire for something else. Word on his first introductions and releases is they are coming sooooon. Very soon. Get. In. Line.   The Winter edition of the AHS Journal arrived yesterday (December 21) and his full page color ad sure caught my eye.


If you missed it, here are my personal photos of my visit to his garden this summer for Northern Mecca. It is 100MB worth of reasons to believe the hype about Bob.  Please contact me if you plan to use this for reasons other than viewing it personally on your own computer. You can most certainly share this at a club meeting, or post it on a website for others to view, but I would like appropriate editorial right to speak on such requests first (thank you!) In September, I had other business in Georgia and so just happened to be in town to crash the Region 5 Fall meeting in Macon, Georgia. As a new regional president, it is good for me to see how other regions handle their business.

I knew it was going to be a heck of a meeting when I saw the gorgeous flower arrangement on the registration table filled with daylily blooms. Then I saw Tim Bell. And Charlie Shaw. And Barbara Kirby. And Joann Stewart. Then I saw the 'bargain daylily table.' Now when you usually think of 'bargain' daylilies, you think of typical Eureka valued plants around $10-20, marked down to maybe $5 or so. Apparently I have never seen a bargain table Georgia-style. They do it up ca-razy!! Huge clumps of daylilies, NEW daylilies for not more than $15 per division, all to help fund the Valdosta-hosted AHS National

The business was efficient and thorough, awards were bestowed, hugs were given, reports were made, and plants were traded. I liked how Ms. Barbara showed digital slides of all the new display gardens in their region since the last meeting. I will think about using that for Region 2. It was nice to see the new additions. I heard about the plans for the Valdosta AHS National and OH BOY are we in for some amazing stuff next year. Apparently registrations are already coming in. They have some wonderful incentives (unlike any other) to get registered early. Check it out from the AHS website. I have never sent in a registration this early before, but I seriously am considering it. On top of all that, there were refreshments and an auction; Tim Bell is a hilarious auctioneer and among many members down there, a very generous angel to Region 5. I enjoyed it all very much and am thankful to RP Barbara Kirby and the friendly folks of Region 5 for allowing me to crash the party unexpectedly. You just never know where I'll show up...

As for the daylilies in my own yard, the turnover in my garden this year was about 40%, so I am already really looking forward to next season when nearly half of my collection will be blooming for the first time in my yard. How fun is that??!

Enjoy yourselves today!